Our Solutions

We are experts at managing wealth and turning the process of banking and financial advisory into one of enjoyment through seamless management and execution.

Benefits of working with ERA Capital Group:

One stop shop:

We operate like a multi-family office; you have the benefit of using our service without incurring the significant cost of managing your own family office.


Our platform offers a broad and complete range of investment options and services to select from.

Trading Execution:

Being an independent advisor allows us to provide an efficient, seamless and best execution to you. Our clients can take advantage of the best available pricing through our broad network of counterparty bond dealers.

Choice of Custodian:

Most of our clients choose to hold their accounts through Pershing LLC (our preferred custodian), the industry’s largest provider of clearing and settlement solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon). However, if you are happy with your current financial institution and/or want to custody your assets in another jurisdiction, you can hire us to advise you on managing your assets on an advisory basis only.

Online Access to your accounts:

NetXInvestor provide clients instant access to account activities, holdings, realized and unrealized gains and losses, statements and tax documents, trade confirmations, and more. In addition, clients can perform electronic funds transfers, conduct on-line banking, pay bills, and set-up automatic deposits and distributions.

Aggregated reporting technology:

Through our technology partner, we offer you the ability to aggregate your accounts from multiple sources into a single, secure system.  You can then view and analyze this aggregated portfolio and see your exact net worth on a daily basis.  This aggregation includes both asset and liability accounts, so you can gain a complete and up-to-date picture of your wealth.

Access to financial service providers:

We have a unique network of financial service providers we can connect you to help you address some of your needs, such as:
– Legal matters
– Accounting and Tax reporting

Alternative assets:

We can provide you with access to alternative solutions through our global networks of strategic partners.